End  of  the  Trail
Gun Repair and custom Rods
(no guns, accessories or ammo for sale - but we can fix, mount scopes, repair or refinish the guns you own.)
We do have our FFL license for gun transfers.  We build tournament quality fishing rods at affordable prices.

11791  Vernon Lane
Mountain Grove, MO 65711
(417) 259-6025
email us at  endofthetrail2009@hotmail.com




What started out as a dream ended up becoming real life.

Myself, Dennis, and my wife, Jenay, dreamed of moving to a new state.
We wanted a new begining in a place that had trees and some land in the country to watch the wildlife.

Both of us worked for Cabela's.  I was a Product Specialist for 10 years answering technical questions on everything in the catalog.  A few years ago I wrote a training manual for black powder firearms to help others in the department gain knowledge.  I had been a hunter since old enough to handle a rifle. 

I had started refinishing old rifles and making them look nice again.  Of course, many of these rifles purchased at auctions didn't work so I began fixing them also.   About the same time a co-worker taught me how to make custom fishing rods. 

Then our ideas began to take life. 

We looked all over for a perfect community that was in need of a gunsmith and a market for custom fishing rods.  As we began to turn our drean into reality I knew I needed to further my education in gun repair and recieved it through Foley Belsaw.  I chose them because they have a continuing support for life. 

We had many ties to our old community since living there for 40+ years.  I was the Scoutmaster for a Boy Scout troop for 11 years.  I had also taught Sunday School for 13 years.  We had to have an auction to get rid of years and years of 'treasures'. 

We found a fantastic 40 acres piece of forest property between Mountain Grove and Cabool. 

Making several trips to our new place we had to make arrangements for a new home.  We also started clearing out about an acre and half of overgrown forest that was stangled by woodvine for our new home. 

Making sure we were prepared, it took us 2 years before we were finally able to physically move. 

We said good-bye to family and friends and packed up the dog, 5 cats and the Mother-in-law and moved to the Ozarks. 

We finally arrived in the summer of 2009. 

It took us 2 months to remodel an old cabin on the property into a nice building for our business.

We opened our business in October of 2009.

Since then business has been on a constant increase as the public learns who we are and the quality of workmanship.

I have hunted and fished for soo many years and combined with my experiences at Cabela's, I have learned what hunters and fishermen need to rely on to enjoy their sport.

UPDATE:  It is now 2014 and life is still wonderful in Missouri.  Business is great. We have quit a few tournament fisherpeople buying from us regular.  Many Rods have sold as gifts.   Guns Repair is a constant part of us.  We seem to always be busy and can usually get a normal repair completed in 1-2 weeks.   3 weeks for a refinishing of a wood stock.
Our personal lives have expanded by another 2 dogs and another cat.  The cat, Hunter, is our official shop guard cat.  He is a sociable during the day, but watch out if you come after dark.  The vet says he is 25-50% bobcat and his attitude shows it.  One of the dogs we adopted was shot in the face and abandoned for dead.  She ended up loosing hearing and most of one ear, and eyeball was removed, 4 teeth removed and her skin sewed up the best possible.  She is a great addition to our family. 

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